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Agent prerequisites

Infosec whitelisting

Please ask your infosec department to whitelist these URLs for external access:

  • AWS endpoints that is used in the DBtune client:
  • AWS S3 bucket link used for downloading the client:

System requirements

  • Superuser access to PostgreSQL
  • PostgreSQL versions >10
  • OS: Any Linux system
  • Server hosting the database: on-prem server or self-managed cloud instance, e.g., EC2, GCE, Azure VM

Packages to be installed

  • python3.8 # or later
  • python3.8-pip # or later
  • postgresql12 # or later
  • postgresql-contrib # same version as postgres
  • psutil==5.9.5
  • psycopg2
  • requests==2.29.0
  • PyYAML==5.3.1
  • screen or tmux